Friday, July 31, 2009

DVD Review - Nervous Water

Talk about fish porn! Nervous Water has close to 3 1/2 hours of great, fishy content. There are 4 featured films, 10 short films, and the fishporn cut, which is a compilation of cuts from all of the films put together with some sweet music. If you attended the Fly Fishing Film Tour in Traverse City or anywhere else this year, you got to see a number of clips from this DVD already, including the marlin fishing in Paupa New Guinea which was one of the more entertaining segments. A couple of the short films have also been featured on the Simms website. After watching the DVD all the way through and rewatching a lot of it here in the shop, I can certainly recommend it, especially given the price of only $24.95. That's a lot of content for $25!

Nervous water takes the viewer all over the world including Alaska, Slovenia, Papua New Guinea, North Carolina, Wyoming, New Zealand, and more! It also takes you inside the head of a western trout guide in the short film 'Stream of Consciousness' which for anyone that guides or has ever spent much time with guides, is a very funny short film. The footage from Slovenia was a personal favorite of mine, very unique water and very big fish. Trout fishing, bonefish, permit, marlin, bass on the fly, carp - there is a little bit of something for everyone here.

Like many of the recent fly fishing DVD releases, Nervous Water features a lot of cool music. In fact we were recently discussing how difficult it must be to soundtrack one of these videos well, but RA Beattie and crew succeeded on this one. The fishporn cut has been on a fairly constant loop in The Northern Angler and I would consider the majority of the DVD as 'A' material and it would make a good addition to any video collection.

The Northern Angler

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