Saturday, May 23, 2009

Urban Warfare DVD - Fly Fishing for Carp

That's right, it has come to this...carp fish porn! "Urban Warfare - In Pursuit of the Poor Man's Bonefish" by Barry Reynolds (Pike on the Fly) is exactly that, a DVD dedicated to flyfishing for carp. Actually, they often get a bad rap but fly fishing for carp can be fun, challenging, and offer a different perspective for most fly fishers. Barry's DVD is not really much of a "how to" for carp on the fly but rather a fun video that is filmed in and around Denver. It is really meant to be (and succeeds at being) an eye opening look at how much fishing opportunity is right in front of us. Carp can be found in ponds, rivers, lakes, ditches, you name it and they are big, strong, fast fish that will give you quite a pull on the fly rod. Additionally, the DVD discusses how, despite their "trash fish" perception, the fish can be very selective and technically challenging to catch.
I found the DVD very interesting and fun to watch, much like Barry's earlier video Pike on the Fly. The format and feel are very similar, they have lots of great footage of takes, fights, and really big fish. The opening dramatic music was maybe a bit much but the rest of the music throughout the DVD was good and it fit well (a lot of guitar and "rough" sound) with the fish and the surroundings. The locations were far from scenic, many times you see the expressway in the background or hear a train, but that is exactly the point, you can travel two minutes from home and be flyfishing for 25 pound fish. The "how to" was basically limited to Barry sharing his two favorite carp flies (the Whitlock's Near Nuff Crayfish and the swimming carp nymph) but the video makes no attempt to sell itself as an instructional video. I have watched it a few times already and watching him try to fit 30+ pound carp in the net or watching a carp swim over and suck up the fly in clear water just doesn't get old, it's fun to watch!
I don't know if this DVD will instanly convert everyone over to fly fishing for carp but it certainly will open some eyes of those that haven't tried it and will confirm to others why they do it. A very worthwhile view!

Kirk Novak
The Northern Angler

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