Saturday, May 16, 2009

Rainy's CF Baitfish - The New Woolly Bugger?

OK, so maybe that's a stretch, but we all know that the woolly bugger has been used to catch just about everything in just about every type of water, it is without a doubt, the most versatile fly in the box. A relative newcomer to the scene, the CF Baitfish from Rainy's has to be considered one of the most versatile baitfish patterns out there. Outside of catching panfish or small trout like on a woolly bugger the CF Baitfish is proving its ability to catch just about anything, anytime, anywhere! Large trout, bass, steelhead on the swing, and early season salmon have all fallen to the CF (CF stands for Craft Fur). It has become a "go to" pike pattern. Fishing the Great Lakes surf and river mouths with the CF Baitfish is very effective for lake trout, browns, and steelhead. In the salt, it will catch just about anything that eats little fish (which of course, is just about everything). One of the keys to its effectiveness is the soft, easy moving craft fur body, it's very lifelike. Another attractive feature is that there is a ultra fine flash material mixed in with the craft fur that gives the fly just enough sparkle. Although it it super soft, it still maintains a nice fishy profile in the water. Being synthetic, it doesn't suck up and hold a ton of water either so it is easy to cast all day long. Another great aspect of the fly is the fact that it is tied in so many different colors, so whatever the species or water conditions, the CF Baitfish comes in a color that will work. Some color options include: rainbow trout, chartruse/white, gray/white, perch, olive/white, and more. At The Northern Angler, we stock more colors than anyone that I've found (yet), check 'em out!

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