Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Northern Angler Featured Fly 2-24-09

This week's Saturday Fly Tying Class at The Northern Angler is on Hex flies so we are featuring Mercer’s Poxy Back Hex Emerger.

Hook: TMC 200R #6
Tail: Gray Ostrich
Shuck: Gray “Fluff” found on base of Hackles
Brown Z-Lon
Pearl Wing N’ Flash
Body: Turkey Biot
Gills: Same as Shuck
Wingcase:Treated Turkey Tail
Wingcase Finish: 5-minute Epoxy
Legs: Hen Saddle
Thorax: Dubbing to match biot color. Ice dub preferred.
Hackle: Rooster Hackle
Wing: Yellow Deer Hair
Post: Yellow Foam

1. Tie in Ostrich at tail so it is one hook gape in length.
2. Tie in Gray Fluff from the base of a hackle feather
3. Tie in Z-lon and Wing N‘ Flash
4. Tie in Turkey Biot by tip with notch facing forward and wrap half way up hook, tie off.
5. Tie in gills
6. Tie in wing case. Dub thorax and tie in legs “V”-style and pull wing case over. Tie off.
7. Tie in small strip of foam so it goes forward and over the hook eye.
8. Tie in Hackle and a stacked/evened pinch of deer hair with tips extending over and beyond foam Tips should extend two hook gapes in length beyond hook eye/
9. Advance thread wraps over deer hair to just behind hook eye, then wrap nice heavy hackle to thread and tie off, whip finish.
10.Cut foam about an 1/8” beyond hook eye.
11. Put enough epoxy on wingcase to cover.
12. Depending on color of biot used for the body, it is optional to mark the quill with a marker to achieve a mottled look.

Not brave/crazy enough to tackle this one? They are available online at the Northern Angler's website or at the shop.

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