Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Northern Angler DVD Review Feb 1st

Rollcast Productions

Well, at the very least the name catches you right off the bat, fo’ shizzle. The movie is about an Alaskan fishing guide, Steve that is forced to quit guiding in Alaska and move back to his hometown of Seattle and get a “real job” working at Wooligan’s. Of course, it’s killing him and he spends most of his time daydreaming, watching fishing videos from his time in Alaska, and watching the Northwest outdoor TV channel while at work. The DVD has a lot of awesome fishing footage from Alaska including fishing for kings, silvers, Dollys, and huge rainbows (one favorite scene of mine was when a backing knot goes out and the guide chases down the fish, gets the line, reattaches it, and subsequently lands the big king salmon, very cool) and it is for this reason that the movie works. I found the story to be almost a distraction from the fishing action, but I must admit, the were some funny scenes and the Al Braughtinwood character that repeatedly pops up is hilarious (imagine Al Linder meets Billy Mays but less intelligent). Another thing that helped the movie along was the soundtrack, definitely a top shelf slate of tunes that fit the Alaskan fishing vibe perfectly. So overall I found the movie to be entertaining enough and the DVD to be well worthwhile due to the hour and a half of bonus fishing footage that was included.

Kirk Novak
The Northern Angler

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