Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Northern Michigan Flyfishing Report Dec 9th, 2008

Winter has come early and it looks like it is here to stay. Lots of white stuff has been falling from the sky the past two weeks which ultimately will help water levels in the spring. Because the ground never froze much of the snow melt will go into our aquifers which we all know is needed for both levels and ideal temperatures.

Steelhead fishing is pretty much the only thing happing for those looking to get a little fishing fix. Water levels are still in the upper 30s and there is a bite. Look for fish in the slower water/holes (hint: the same water where you find early salmon staging in the fall). This can be the big, deep slow holes or slots with wood in it. Then again, these are steelhead which makes them unpredictable and you could find them in odd places too. Make sure you have some good sized nymphs in your box as well as some eggs. Fish an egg and nymph combo and switch them up often to see if there is a daily preference by the silver sided steelhead.

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Homewaters, L.L.C. said...

While I'm personally waiting to put out a shanty and fire up a heater before I chase any more fish, I'd love to see if anyone out there has some photos of fish they caught during the recent blizzard like weather we've been enjoying. Let's see some proof of die hard angling in Northern Michigan!