Monday, October 27, 2008

Northern Michigan Flyfishing Report Oct 27th, 2008

Finally, we have received a significant rain which should provide more, fresh Steelhead in from the lake.

The past week’s fishing on the Big Manistee has been marginal with some days being better than others, but not where it should be this time of the year. So many seasons have been running late this year and it appears that the Steelhead are following suit. Look for November to offer some of our best angling. There are still some salmon in the river spawning and lots that have already come and gone leaving plenty of eggs to eat. Smaller, natural looking egg patterns are working best and the nymph bite should develop as time goes. Fishing near the dam? fish an egg and nymph combo with light line (fluorocarbon) as the water is clear. The good news is that the leaf-drop has reduced.

The Brown Trout are spawning on the Upper-Manistee where fishing is open year-round. Please leave all spawning fish alone to do their important mission of ensuring there are fish to catch in the future. The streamer bite should be strong with some fish on the pre and post spawn. Regardless, enjoy a nice solitary day on the water as most anglers are either chasing steelhead or at work.

Good Luck,

The Northern Angler

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