Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Northern Michigan Fly Fishing Report Sept 24, 2008

The salmon fishing continues to be pretty good with conditions and fish numbers varying from day-to-day. Water levels have dropped once and again, we need another shot of rain to bring more fish in. The Betsie river still has surges of fish and timing and location is key. Lots of fish have hit the gravel and there are still some fresher fish in the dark, deeper runs and holes. The Manistee river is off to a slower start than normal, but there are fish on gravel near Tippy Dam and a decent number of fish in the lower river. Regardless of where you are fishing, know that a cool shot of rain will only make things better. Since this is big fish/big ego season, remember to get along with your neighbor and enjoy the experience.

Trout fishing is going well although with clear water conditions. This warmer spell has increased water temps a little to make it prime. The terrestrial bite continues and streamers used in the low-light can produce some of the larger fish. The leaves are just starting to turn and this is a great time to fish the river and have it pretty much to yourself.

Good luck.

The Northern Angler

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