Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Northern Michigan Fly Fishing Report Sep 2, 2008

It feels more like Hex time than it does Salmon time, although the weather is set to change dramatically tomorrow, hopefully that includes some rain. Unseasonable weather and the lack of rain have stalled our salmon fishing for the most part, but there are fish in the rivers – just not the numbers we are use to this time of year. And with early runs, fish travel in pods so your luck can change dramatically by going around the bend and finding 6-12 chrome fish. With some rain in the forecast, look for things to really change for the better and extending well into October.

Trout fishing is fairly decent right now after the roller-coaster water temps. Low water levels demand longer, stealthy presentations with dry flies. Patterns that have been working include the foam/rubber leg things, medium sized hoppers, ants and beetles. The streamer fishing has improved lately with smaller patterns doing the best. Rain will definitely help the streamer fishing situation. Of course cloudy/overcast days are best, but they don’t seem to be around much lately. The upper Manistee River is all yours now that we are past Labor Day and that the Salmon have entered the river. Look for the bite to only get better with water cooling and the fall spawn approaching.

Dates still available for September and October Trout, Steelhead and Salmon fishing – contact us for availability.

Good luck!

The Northern Angler

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